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    Colonel (ret.) Michael Ritz is director of the USAF Public Affairs Center of Excellence (PACE. Enlisting in the California Air National Guard in early 1968, Col Ritz served the 146th Airlift Wing for more than nine years as a still and motion picture photographer and public affairs supervisor. Earning his commission in November 1977, he performed numerous missions at home and overseas as an active duty or reserve status wing public affairs officer before assuming the duties of the 146th Airlift Wing's executive officer in 1994, and wing intelligence chief in 1998. He assumed the responsibilities of his current position in September 2001. Col Ritz's assignments in combat photography, public affairs and intelligence have taken him to a myriad of locations throughout the United States and around the world including Europe, North Africa, the Mediterranean, the Pacific Rim, Korea, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, West Asia, the Middle East, the Arctic and Antarctic. His most recent tours of duty include assignments with Department of Defense, National Guard Bureau, Air Combat Command, Air Mobility Command, and Air Education & Training Command. A military historian and visual media expert, Col Ritz holds a bachelor's degree in drama & motion pictures and a master's degree in military history, with additional post-graduate work in mass communications and air power history. He studied theater and motion pictures at UCLA and California State University, Northridge. He is a resident graduate of Squadron Officer School, Air Command & Staff College and Air War College, graduating with honors in each of those schools. Col Ritz is a recipient the California Air Force Association's prestigious "Air National Guard Field Grade Officer of the Year" and "Military Journalist of the Year" awards, and was selected by the local Ventura County business community as the Oxnard Ambassadors' "Air National Guard Military Citizen of the Year." His most recent screen works include: All Blood Runs Red, Hats In The Ring, Blue Fire, The Cyclist, Desert Of The Lions, Santiago Blue, The Roundtable and Oasis.


    Dr. George J. Stein, is the director of the Cyberspace and Information Operations Study Center, as well as teaching in the Department of Warfighting, Air War College. He writes and teaches courses on information warfare, classic Chinese strategic thought, European security issues, and future strategies. Before joining Air War College in 1991, he was on the faculty of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies, Miami University and Miami's European Center in Luxembourg. Recent publications include: "Learning with Sun Tzu," in: Bosch, J.M.J., H.A.M. Luiijf & A.R. Mollema (eds.), NL Arms: Netherlands Annual Review of Military Studies, (NL: Tilburg University Press, 1999), pp.21-36; "Information Warfare: Words Matter," in: Stocker, G. & C. Schöpf (eds.), InfoWar, (New York & Vienna: Springer, 1998); pp.51-59; US Information Warfare - Jane's Special Report, (VA: Jane's Information Group, 1996); "Information Attack: Information Warfare in 2025," Air University. 2025 Study: Power and Influence, (Maxwell AFB, AL: Air University Press, 1996; pp. 91-115, (White Papers; v. Vol.3, Book1); "Information Warfare," Airpower Journal (Spring 1995); and "Information War - Cyberwar - Netwar," in: Schneider & Grinter (eds.), Battlefield of the Future, (AU Press, 1995). Professor Stein was awarded the Meritorious Civilian Service medal, twice, for his contributions to the USAF Chief-of-Staff's studies Spacecast 2020 and Air Force 2025. He received his M.A. at Penn State and Ph.D. at Indiana University.


    Dr. Barry Schneider has served as a professor at the Air War College since September 1993 and Director of the USAF Counterproliferation Center since 1998. He has a Ph.D. in Political Science from Columbia University (1974). He currently serves in the AWC Department of Warfighting. He is the author of Future War and Counterproliferation: US Military Responses to NBC Threats and has edited and contributed to six other books. He has authored over 120 articles, book chapters, and contract studies in his career. He has previously worked as a Foreign Affairs Officer (GS-14) and Political Affairs Officer at the US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, has served as a congressional staff member, defense analyst for several defense contractors, and has taught at a number of other institutions of higher learning including Wabash College, U. of Maryland, Purdue, Indiana U., and American University. His areas of expertise include nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare threats and countermeasures.


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