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    Right Reservists, by ASD Hall, as well as other comments
      Putting the right National Guard and Reserve people into the right places to help this country wage its war against terrorism or deal with domestic emergencies is the idea that is driving Thomas Hall’s train as the new assistant secretary of defense for reserve affairs.

    Military Looks at 'Rebalancing' Reserve Component, Active Force, DoD News, 19 Nov 02

      Certain military job specialties, including military police and civil affairs, are being overburdened in the reserve components and may need stronger representation in the active duty force, the Defense Department's senior adviser on reserve affairs said today.

      Today, roughly 51,000 Guard and Reserve members are on active duty across the United States and around the world. At the peak of the call- up, nearly 100,000 reserve component members were activated. In all, roughly 130,000 reserve troops have served in support of operations Enduring Freedom and Noble Eagle.

    New blended wing activated at Robins, AF News, 01 Oct 02

    The Future Total Force - Raising the Bar for Force Integration, short publication by Gen.s Ryan, Weaver, and Sherrard

    The Future Total Force - Program explores bold, innovative ideas to improve tomorrow's aerospace force, by Joyner, in Citizen Airman, Apr 01


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    (from USAF AIM POINTS, 13 May 04) The National Guard State Partnership Program was one of the topics the ANG director discussed in testi-mony before the SAC Defense Subcommittee last month.

      The program pairs individual US states with countries around the world for the purposes of

      • Improving bilateral relations
      • Exposing Guard people to diverse cultures in regions where they may be some day deployed
      • Exchanging tactics and techniques for preventing terror attacks and strengthening homeland security
      State Partners participate in a number of engagement activities, including
      • Bilateral familiarization and training events
      • Fellowship-style internships
      • Civic leader visits
      Activities are coordinated through the theater combatant commanders, the US ambassadors’ country teams and other agencies to ensure the efforts meet both US and country objectives. The program partners 39 US states, two territories and Wash DC with 45 countries.

    Commando Solo allows Baghdad broadcast, AF News, Jan 03, SECDEF and CJCS broadcast into Iraq

    U.S. Bosnia Force Now Made Up Only Of Guard, Reserve Units, 8 Dec 2002 news item

    Cheney praises Air National Guard, at ANG's Senior Leadership Conference, AF News, 2 Dec 2002

      "The Air National Guard's role in the aftermath of September 11th has been truly remarkable. You have assumed an astonishing portion of the military missions in Operation Noble Eagle and Operation Enduring Freedom."

      "Air National Guard pilots fly three-quarters of the combat air patrols defending the United States mainland. You provide 40 percent of our airlift capacity in Afghanistan and 42 percent of the fighters in our air expeditionary force. Between September 11th of 2001 and September 11th of this year, Air National Guard pilots flew 46,000 sorties.

      "As members of the National Guard, you may not be full-time soldiers, but you are all full-time patriots."

    Air Force pilot soars to F-16 milestone, AF News, 22 Nov 02

      Reservist is first pilot in the world to log 5,000 flying hours in the F-16 aircraft

    769th Soldiers Help Improve Conditions at KMTC

      team of soldiers from the 769th Engineer Battalion, Louisiana National Guard, is making quality of life improvements for U.S. soldiers assigned to the Kabul Military Training Center

    Total force, total commitment, total special operators, AF News, 07 Nov 02, from Air Force Special Operations Command

    Medevacs: Ready to fly over Afghanistan - as of August 2002, all medical evacuation assets in Afghanistan theater belong to 1042nd of the Oregon NG

    U.S. Commando Solo II Takes Over Afghan Airwaves, DOD news, Oct 2001, with photos
    In the Air With Commando Solo, Afghan campaign
    Commando Solo Radio Scripts, from Afghan campaign
    Commando Solo provides NATO voice to Serbs, April 1999

    Excerpts from Remarks by Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, National Guard and Reserve Component Caucus Breakfast, March 6, 2002

    • Within minutes after the attacks of September 11th, the National Guard and Reserve answered our country's call. New York Guard members took to the streets of lower Manhattan helping emergency units and standing guard. Guard members from Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. came to the Pentagon, even before getting an official call to duty. And they were among the first on the scene in Pennsylvania. And of course there were those members of the Guard and Reserve who as civilians serve bravely as police and firefighters and emergency medical teams.
    • About 4,000 members of the reserve components supported the Olympic Games
    • In Operation Enduring Freedom, the war overseas on terrorism, we have today over 91,000 service members from the Reserve Component taking part in Operation Enduring Freedom and what we call the operation here to protect the skies over the United States, Operation Noble Eagle, as well as all of our other operations. They are contributing major pieces of significant parts of the operation: 50 percent of the force protection for our bases and installations around the world and here at home is provided by Guardsmen and Reservists; 25 percent of warfighting support; and 25 percent of command and control, communications, intelligence and mobilization support. About 68,000 people, including about 2,000 members of the Coast Guard, have been mobilized under Title 10 authority. About 7200 members of the National Guard are helping keep our airports safe.
    • 29th Infantry Division of the Virginia Army National Guard became the second National Guard division to assume command of our mission in Bosnia with 2500 soldiers
    • Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard continue to provide planes, crews and support specialists to Operations Northern Watch and Southern Watch in Iraq
    • The 186th Air Refueling Wing from Meridian, Mississippi, has been flying KC-135s out of Incirlik Air Base in Turkey, supporting the effort in Afghanistan, including the humanitarian aid operation.
    • Army National Guard soldiers protect Patriot missile batteries in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.
    • Naval and Coast Guard Reservists help secure ports in the Middle East and, of course, here at home.
    • The Army Reserve provides the bulk of the logistics support to U.S. and allied forces in Kosovo.
    • And in January, the 39th Special Infantry Brigade of the Arkansas Army National Guard assumed the Multinational Force Observers' mission in Sinai. The 41st Separate Infantry Brigade of the Oregon Army National Guard will follow them.
    • We have to approve joint education and leadership development for the Reserve Component. We have to have leaders in the Reserve Component who are just as savvy about joint operations as their active duty counterparts.

    The California Air National Guard in Kosovo, April 1999, supplying air refueling

  • Mobilizing for the Storm - the Army National Guard in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm (11 Mb PDF), National Guard Bureau, Office of Public Affairs, Historical Services Division, 2001 (or click here for 2.7 Mb version, with lower resolution photos)


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(all or partial Guard or Reserve)
    Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Teams (WMD-CSTs), National Guard

    Unified Command Suite (UCS)

      highly mobile, fielded communications system employed in support of the WMD-CSTs

    Army Element Reserve Unit -- Consequence Management (ARU-CM) - now part of Guardian Brigade

      The ARU-CM is being formed to respond to Department of Defense (DoD) consequence management (CM) operations related to domestic and overseas incidents involving weapons of mass destruction using Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) materials.

    310th Space Group, Air Force Reserve, 10th AF, Schriever AFB, CO

    193rd Space Support Battalion, Colorado ArNG

      They've sent teams overseas to support Operation Enduring Freedom. Teams deployed with a mission of integrating satellite-enhanced capabilities into daily military operations, such as communication, navigation, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, environmental monitoring and missile warning operations.

    193rd Special Operations Wing, Pennsylvania ANG

    • While jamming an enemy radio or television signal on one channel, technicians then transmit their material on an adjacent channel. Once the listener becomes frustrated and changes the channel, he or she is exposed to the Information broadcast.
    • In 1990, following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, President George Bush ordered Operation Desert Shield. The 193rd, among the first units called upon to participate in the operation, was to broadcast “Iraq the Betrayed,” a specially recorded program that urged Iraqi forces to surrender. More than 50 percent of the Iraqi POWs indicated that the message influenced their decision to throw down their weapons. In addition to their wartime mission, the 193rd became known as the “Voice of the Gulf,” broadcasting news and sports programs to allied forces stationed in Saudi Arabia.

    United States Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command (Airborne) (USACAPOC(A))

    • About 96 percent Of USACAPOC (Abn)'s approximately 10,000 are in the Reserve component and are located in 25 states.
    • Civil Affairs soldiers are the field commander's link to the civil authorities in his area of operations. With specialists in every area of the government, they can assist a host government meet its people's needs and maintain a stable and viable civil administration.
    • Civil Affairs soldiers possess unique training, skills and experience. Since the majority of the Civil Affairs forces are in the Reserve component, these soldiers bring to the Army finely honed skills practiced daily in the civilian sector as judges, physicians, bankers, health inspectors, fire chiefs, etc.

    19th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Green Berets in the Utah Army National Guard

    919th Special Operations Wing (SOW),

      the only Air Force Reserve unit in Air Force Special Operations Command. The 919th SOW provides and maintains MC-130E (AFRC asset) and MC-130P (active duty asset) special operations aircraft designed for covert operations.

    920th Rescue Wing, US Air Force Reserve

      Has participated in Operation Northern Watch, rescues in the Caribbean, and other operations.


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